Why Ergoline Sunbeds


Ergoline has always put perfect quality before quantity.

Tanning professionals can expect top quality from Ergoline for trouble-free operation. Perfected technology, first-class materials and meticulous craftsmanship guarantee quality you can depend on at all times.

DIN ISO certification and eco-auditing document the high level of quality and environmental awareness that prevails not only at Ergoline.

High safety standards – TÜV seal

(TÜV-GS seal, JK Group certified by TÜV in compliance with DIN ES ISO 9001)

Extensive technical testing

(-GS/EMV/ETL listed)


Innovative UV technology and a completely reconfigured UV system gives you greatly improved tanning results while complying with the EU 0.3 W/m2 standard.

The time for pigment to darken and regenerate, while preventing sunburn, plays an essential role in the final tanning result.

Sunburn risk is as low as in any ordinary 0.3 W/m2 sunbed.

Pigment starts to darken almost as fast on a 0.3 optimized 0.3 W/m2 sunbed as on a 0.6 W/m2 sunbed.

In recent years, a number of preconceptions have, for whatever reason, emerged in connection with the sun, sunbeds and UV light. Let us put an end to some of these notions.

For instance, people claim, time and time again, that the light generated in a sunbed is more harmful than natural sunlight. An absurdity, as, for example, Dr. Gerd Kindl and Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Raab establish in their book “Licht und Haut” (Light and Skin). As far as these two experts are concerned, the light in modern sunbeds – which contains both UV-A and UV-B – is even healthier than natural sunlight. Users tan more quickly and they only risk getting sunburned if they overdo it.

A further preconception: exposure to UV light causes skin cancer. Not so, according to Prof. Dr. Schröpl, one of Germany’s leading dermatologists, in an interview: “For about 20 years now, patients with skin disorders have been exposed to high doses of UV. To date, this has not resulted in a single melanoma.”

Source: G. Kindl, W. Raab, Licht und Haut (Light and Skin), published by Govi-Verlag