Sunbeds by Ergoline

When it comes to sun-beds you can’t get better than world leaders Ergoline for safety, quality and technological advances, so naturally that is what we use.

Ergoline Sunbeds the Optimum Choice

Our sun-beds emit 95% UVB light, which makes your skin brown and less than 5% UVA light, which is what causes ageing, making our Ergoline sunbeds the optimum choice for beautifying your skin, while minimizing premature ageing. Compare this with New Zealands harsh sun and it is clear using a sunbed is the only way to go.

Sunbed Design Features

Our sunbeds are designed to allow clients complete control with a luxurious Temptronic Climate Control Panel, aqua mist and aroma to refresh and a wide Multi Relax Base provides the ultimate in cool comfort. The controls are illuminated with symbols, full Text Display and available Voice Guide make it easy to adjust any function, and to top it all off, a 3D-Sound system, with MP3 player dock provides pure listening pleasure.

Contact us about our Sunbed leasing arrangements, you will be pleasantly surprised. Phone: 09 296 1637