Spray Tanning

Mystic Spray Tanning Booth

Privacy and ease combine to give you a flawless spray tan with our Mystic Spray Tanning Booth.

Mystic Tan revolutionized the world of tanning in 1998 when it introduced the world’s first Sunless spray-on tanning system, and have not wavered their focus on providing the most even, natural looking tan available. The Mystic Spray Tanning booth uses the patented MagneTan™ process to attract tanning Mist to every exposed surface of the skin using the body’s natural magnetic properties. When the Mist passes through the spray nozzles in a Mystic Spray Tanning booth, the micro-mist particles are polarized, taking on the characteristics of “tiny magnets.” These particles are attracted evenly to the skin to create a smooth, even tan.

The Mystic Tan System utilizes personal single use cartridges and additives that can be blended to create the perfect combination for all skin types and desired results. Application takes just 60 seconds, with your beautiful tan developing to its full colour in 6 hours. The tan will last 5-7 days.

Mystic Tan is the sunless name your customers know best; mentioned by celebrities, on top TV shows and in the pages of the most popular magazines. It has appeared on Friends, The Real World, The View, Regis & Kelly, The Tonight Show, Access Hollywood, and has made many other TV and film appearances.

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